New Product Addition That Lets You Raise The Ramp To Waist Height

Almost every bowler has a least one period in their life where they are unable to bowl because of some kind of physical or medical limitation. It could be something as simple as swollen or broken fingers to something much more serious and long-lasting like arthritis.

This new product gives you the ability to enjoy the game that you love in spite of the physical or medical challenges that you are currently facing.

standing position with taller bowling ramps location for custom length leg extensions

Our new custom leg extensions and the companion bowling ramp extension when combined with our chrome plated bowling ramp gives you the ability to raise the ramp to waist level so you can bowl standing up.

You must have the use of at least one hand and have the ability to stand to use this Bowling Ramp And Leg Extension Kit.  (The custom leg extensions can be cut to any length so that the ramp can be elevated to the height that you desire.)

36 inch tall leg extensions bowling extension for standing bowlers

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