Custom Bowling Ramp Extension + Ramp Leg Extensions




The Custom Bowling Ramp Extension  plus the Ramp Leg Extension kit, which is made in America, allows you to elevate the bowling ramp (which is sold separately) so that you can use it to bowl from the standing position. The custom leg extensions can be made in various lengths so the ramp can be elevated to the height that you desire. Once the ramp is assembled, you just need to place the ball in the indentations on the ramp extension and it’ll sit there until you are ready to push the bowling ball to start it rolling down the ramp and the bowling lane.

This kit plus our chrome plated bowling ramp (which is sold separately) is ideal for bowlers that have problems such as:

  • Cracked or broken ribs
  • a broken arm
  • a broken leg that’s in a walking cast
  • people with arthritis
  • and more


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