Home of the POSS-I-BOWL 2000

Manufactured by Innovative Products Inc. A company that specializes in custom built mobility devices for children and adults with disabilities.

We live in a very diverse world. It no longer matters what color your skin is, what language you speak or how you get from point A to point B. Everyone is unique in their own way and is an important member of our society. Disabled individuals still have tough battles to fight and it can take longer for them to accomplish their goals. What’s great about our “melting pot” country is that we have developed organizations and businesses have formed to help make their lives easier.

No one can predict what will happen at any given moment on any given day. Unfortunately for some, tragic accidents happen leaving people to depend on wheelchairs and other motor devices. Here at Innovative Products Inc., we have been able to design a one of a kind wheelchair bowling ramp. Our patent and tested handicap bowling ramp will give the physically challenged person a chance to have some fun and experience bowling.

We have a unique design that is controlled by a control switch and just like that, you are bowling right along with everyone else. Sports for disabled people have come a long way. Just because you have to be in a wheelchair does not mean you can’t enjoy sporting activities. We welcome schools to try our special ed equipment and other sports equipment as well.

Our disabled bowling ramps are safe and are 100% guaranteed to bring smiles to a lot of faces. The use of the ball ramp is easy as well. Our goal is make the disabled feel as though they can do what everyone else does, just in a slightly different way, but with the same outcome. Please feel free to browse through our website for additional information on our bowling ramp and other disabled bowling equipment. We look forward to hearing from you.